Copper has many sought-after properties

The Egyptians were early in discovering this very useful metal 4,500 years ago. A material that proved capable of creating unexpected possibilities. They developed a civilisation where copper had a significant role in manufacturing weapons. But also in construction, tools and other useful objects and jewellery.

The reddish metallic lustre made a great impression on people back then. In our time, copper plays an even bigger role in society. To such an extent that it is considered one of the world’s most important metals. Copper is a resilient, malleable material with good conductivity (after silver, copper is the best conductor of heat and electric current).

100-percent recyclable

Copper does not rust nor corrode when oxidised

The metal can withstand both heat and cold and retains its properties from –200°C to 250°C, which creates possibilities for a variety of types of installations. Copper is also used as a base metal in a large number of alloys, such as brass, bronze and nickel silver. It can withstand ultraviolet rays, solvents, grease and oils and has properties that make it suitable for use in drinking water pipes, as copper inhibits bacterial growth in the drinking water system. And perhaps best of all, copper is 100-percent recyclable.

Danubia supplies semi-finished copper to major national Swedish industrial clients as well as to local engineering companies and smaller workshops. Danubia’s customers are active in the construction, electronics, electrical and automotive industries, as well as the engineering and processing industries. Copper is also used in shipbuilding, desalination plants, offshore industry, wind turbines – and even in this day and age for designing various objects of utility as well as for decoration and art. Copper is used extensively in the automotive industry. The metal is likely to be found in both the cooling system and electronics of your car. We thought that list would be sufficient, but it isn’t. Copper is also used in computers, mobile phones, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers and countless other applications.

When innovation and creativity come together, copper almost always plays an important role.