Concern for the environment is a key issue for us. We are dedicated to supporting the respectful utilisation of the Earth’s resources and raw materials. This is our way of taking responsibility.

High environmental standards

This is our way of taking responsibility. We are a responsible market player and have integrated a comprehensive sustainability policy into our operations. This primarily involves working long-term for sustainable development and being aware of the effect that our operations can have on the world around us. It is important for us to exercise good judgement and use resources optimally, both economically and environmentally, in our operations.

When you place an order with us, you can trust that all our material is environmentally certified. Our environmental strategy extends beyond materials and raw materials. It also applies to manufacturing and transport.

We conduct regular audits, in collaboration with suppliers and customers, to ensure the industry’s high environmental standards are met. We also do as much as possible to offer recycled metals.

Danubia works exclusively with suppliers that are environmentally certified in accordance with ISO, or ISO/TS.