Titanium – a metal for the large and small as well

When a spacecraft heads up into the atmosphere, it is likely with components and engines parts made of titanium. Titanium is an extremely durable alloy with such a low weight that it can barely be compared to most other metals. It is approximately half the weight of stainless steel but is about as strong. Because of its low weight, it is used as an alloy in aviation and aerospace engineering.

Another excellent feature is that it does not cause allergies in humans, making it suitable for various medical implants and pins for attaching dentures to the jaw bone. Because it is non-allergenic, it is also suitable for making jewellery.

Titanium is used where low weight is a factor, in everything from turbine blades, to loudspeaker membranes and wristwatches. And because titanium oxide reflects light well, it is used in sunscreens, make-up and paint colours.