History shows the way to the future

The year is 1947. Saab’s first passenger car, the model 92, is presented to the public. In the same year, Danubia launches its operations, with a clear objective of growing into a strong company and becoming a competitive alternative in the metal industry. In due course, the company grows and extends its product range, engages more suppliers and establishes a defined position on the market. Today, Danubia is a strong and reliable company with the ability to meet all customer needs, regardless of size. Here, you find a well-organised group of professionals whose commitment builds relationships and creates customer confidence.

Your request is our task to resolve

The current organisation is well-organised, knowledgeable and agile. This increases our ability to resolve even the most complex issues. If you are having difficulty with a complicated assignment, let us show you what we can do. We embrace challenges and can provide expert advice on various solutions, choice of materials and suitable applications. Take advantage of our expertise and let us help you develop your products.