Environment Policy

Danubia has established
the following Environmental policy

All companies that engage in business activities affect society and the environment. By producing  demanded goods and services, jobs and tax revenues are created and thus contribute to the development of society.

Danubia trade metals. We want to make responsible purchases. For us, it is important to work with Producers who are Environmential Certified and who take social responsiblility by not dealing with countries mentioned the term ”Conflict Minerals” (Dodd-Frank Act 1502).

Reducing emissions from transport is crucial to our future. In order to reduce burdens on the environment, we work activily to reduce the number of delivieries and increase the amount of each delivery. We aim for the transport to be as environmentally friendly as possible and prefer maritime and rail transport.

To take direct responsibility for the emissions we do by gradually replacing our own fleet of cars from fossil-fueled cars to electricity.

Every citizien has social responsibility towards society and each other. To work ethically by combating curruption and having a responsible realationship with our suppliers, customers and partners is something everyone at Danubia is expected to do.

Our social and physical health is a prerequisite for development. Danubia offers and advocates well-being and has sport facilities and beautiful surroundings just around the block. Danubia wants to contribute to research through our annual donation to the Childhood Cancer Fund.