Logistics and simple mathematics

Transportation is an important part of a transaction. Accordingly, Danubia’s logistics system involves partnerships with reliable carriers around the world. This applies to road, rail and maritime transport. We offer continuous shipping in large volumes, as well as small customised deliveries.

Our products are often sensitive to external influences, requiring safe and reliable transport as well as careful packaging that can withstand strain when loading and unloading materials. We are the company where logistics and mathematics go hand in hand. That’s the bottom line.

Keeping stock of the inventory – just-in-time

Thanks to good inventory-holding practices in centrally-located warehouses, and reliable logistics, we can offer fast, secure delivery. By conducting the inventory-holding ourselves, we free up capital, resources and warehouse space for our customers, who can focus on their production instead. Our extensive inventory-holding – in some ways, the hub of our operations – ensures our customers’ needs are met. We have inventory in Sweden and Europe.

Flexibility is key, and we go where customers need us. We often have a buffer inventory that guarantees fast delivery even in unforeseen conditions.
Daily runs are made by truck from warehouse to customer, and “customising” inventory for a customer is more the rule than the exception.

With high inventory capacity and just-in-time deliveries, we ensure the buyer’s production needs are met. We look forward to meeting your needs for reliable inventory holding. Your demands are high and we will cater to them with our wide-ranging skills and knowledge of materials.