Bronze – well worth its own age in time

Bronze is a strong and durable metal alloy of copper and tin that first appeared in the years 1800-500 BC. Many bronze objects have been found in historic tombs and settlements from the Bronze Age. The metal is characterised by its high rigidity and outstanding strength, and consequently it was discovered that bronze was suitable for the manufacture of weapons such as swords, spearheads and knives but also for tools such as axes. The metal was also a popular material for making beautiful ornaments and jewellery.

Recently, bronze has been developed as an alloy with aluminium, which provides a hardness suited to applications with an uneven rate of high wear and tear, for example in pumps, stone crushers, ship propellers and in the offshore industry where the material is subjected to high stress demands.

The metal is often used in the manufacture of corrosion-resistant suspension struts for the automotive industry. Bronze has superior strength to brass, but it can be harder to process.